Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Still Here

No, I have not completely abandoned ship. It's been entirely too long since I've posted, so I'll give you a few excuses as to why that is.

First, I was in Las Vegas for an extended Thanksgiving holiday with my family. It was a nice trip, although an extra day would have made it even better. While I was there I didn't have a computer to post. And I still haven't received the photos from my mom, so those will have to be posted much later. I have some great shots though!

Second, I returned to a full inbox at work on Monday. I miss one workday and apparently it was the most productive workday ever. Well, I guess that's job security.

Third, I had some kind of stomach bug. I was at home for two days and have finally left my house. Being sick sucks. It sucks even more when your husband is much sicker than you are and so he cannot take care of you. And D is a bad sick person. He gets really crabby. So the last two days have not been fun at all. So far today it's actually nice to get out of the house, even though I'm exhausted from being awake for two hours.

I'll try to be interesting later.

Monday, November 19, 2007

All Over the Place: Went to California for a Coke

I have yet another cold. I'm pretty sure it's a new rhino virus all together, but I suppose it could be the same one and it just took a brief vacation. I don't know why I'm telling you this except to say that I super pink puffy heart the new Puffs Plus [lotion] with the Scent of Vicks. (Word to the wise, avoid contact with your eyes. (My rhymes ROCK.)) I offered one to a co-worker with a cold and she said that the idea scared her, I then offered her a regular Puffs, but said Kleenex instead of tissue. That got me thinking, how many items do I call by a brand name? And then I remembered The McDonald's Incident.

When I was 14, my mom sent me and my then 10-year-old brother to California. One might ask why in the world she would do this, and I have no good reason for you, but I'll tell you the story anyway. (Why not make an already boring and pointless post even longer?)

Shortly before spring break of my freshman year of high school I came home and started to complain that all my friends were going on vacation and would come back tan and I would still be pale. I then demanded that my mom buy me a tanning package so that once my friends returned from their tropical family vacations I would not blind them with my pasty-whiteness. My mother scoffed at that idea. She thought it was insane to send her 14 year-old daughter to a tanning salon and dismissed the idea completely. A few hours later she was on the phone with her cousin in California. As it turned out, my brother and I both had spring break at the same time and my mom's cousin was willing to let us stay at her place. See what a little whining will do? I just wanted a tanning package and my mom sent me on a vacation!

Bro and I were headed to CA all alone. We stayed with my mom's cousin and her husband, and they took us everywhere. We went to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. We went boogie boarding in the Pacific and learned to shoot a BB gun (at the time I thought it was fun, looking at pictures of it makes me cringe). It was a great vacation and I did come home with a tan, and bangs--my mom's cousin owned (still owns) a hair salon. It was an all around great trip with plenty of stories to tell, but the story that sticks will me and lives on is a humorous little happening--in McDonald's of all places.

After a day of boogie boarding and bicycling, we stopped for a quick bite to eat. It was my turn to order and I said something like, "Can I please get (yes, that is how I order--my mother taught me well) two plain hamburgers and a small pop." The teenage girl taking my order turned white in the face and said, "I'm sorry, we're all out of that." Shocked, I stood frozen, glancing around the room. The pop machine was in the dining area, so I just needed a glass. I was sure I hadn't specified a type of pop, and McDonald's couldn't really be out of hamburgers, could they? Coming to the realization that we weren't in Minnesota, I quickly blurted out, "Soda! Coke! A small beverage!" Her face turned from white to bright red and she handed me a small cup. Bro thought that was hilarious. Of course, he was 10, but he still won't let me live it down. He'll randomly bust out "Soda! Coke! A small beverage!" with a sense of urgency when I order a drink even now. I have no idea how he managed to remember that but forget about me holding a BB gun.

And just think, all it took to bring this memory to the forefront of my mind (and make me post about it nonetheless) was saying 'Kleenex' went I meant tissue. I also say 'Chap Stick' for lip balm, but I don't say 'Coke' unless I'm ordering a diet with grenadine.

Friday, November 16, 2007

New and Exciting but Mostly Random

Yesterday's Blog Share (marvelous idea, -R-) was a success, and I was productive at work in spite of all the intriguing mystery posts. It was certainly a first for me--I'm still new to the world of blogs and all--but I thoroughly enjoyed participating. I had a few other firsts this week that I'd like to share with you:
  1. D confessed to checking my blog. I never really told him I had a blog. I wasn't necessarily hiding it from him, but I didn't necessarily want him to know either. I've made entries in his presence and even talked about presents from bloggy friends, but I never really said, "I have a blog. It's called Muse on Vacation. You should check it out." Well, I guess I didn't really need to tell him, he knew, he checked it out. I don't think he'll be back often, but it might make me rethink some of my future entries.
  2. I'm wearing a gray wool blazer today with a great pair of jeans. This is a first for me and I'm really proud of myself. I didn't think I could pull off this look and so far I'm very happy with it. It's Casual Friday and I've embraced that concept while still looking polished and pulled together. (Thanks, Mom, for letting me shop in your closet!)
  3. I had my first volunteer training at the Animal Humane Society last night. I'm really excited to actually start volunteering so that I can accrue hours and move into different volunteer positions. I will start out on the Adoption Floor, which will be fun, but I'd really like to work with the obedience classes and especially with the dogs that have not yet been adopted. Beyond just dog walking, volunteers can go through additional training and start obedience training with dogs that are on the adoption floor and looking for homes. The thought is that the more well behaved the animal is, the easier it will be to place them in a forever home. This is something that I am very passionate about and I cannot wait to get to work!
  4. Last night I also tried Garden Salsa Sun Chips for the first time. These are amazing. I highly recommend them. I mean, it's not so good for my Healthy Eating Plan, but it could be worse. And they are soooooo good. "It's a fiesta in your mouth. With a Mariachi band!" Who can resist that?
  5. Lastly, I received the fabulous gold bubble necklace from BR in the mail. It's a bit larger than I thought (I was picturing it as the size of a quarter. It's bigger than that. A lot bigger than that.) but I do like it. As it is slightly flashier than I had imagined, I wasn't prepared to wear it today. I think I have an outfit in mind that could use a little flair (well, more than one, but one in particular for this accessory) and plan to wear it next week. Quite possibly I will post a picture.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Am I Anonymous Yet?

Today's guest poster will remain anonymous.

When I first saw -R-'s post about the Blog Share my immediate thought was, "Oh, hell no. No one will be writing on my blog but ME." But eventually (and perhaps inevitably) I started ruminating on how it could be fun to write in someone else's space, and how if they were willing to let me post my crazy and ridiculous thoughts for their readers then I should not feel badly about reciprocating. For me, the hardest part about letting go of a post is the feeling that somehow I have been negligent in my duties, that I am not keeping up my end of the bargain. And how many people are actually concerned when I do not post? Excluding myself, probably a big fat zero. So I am choosing to view this as an exercise in FUN, in capital letters- and here we go! Are you excited yet?

I thought for sure with the list of blogs lined up for the Blog Share that I would definitely find myself writing for someone whose blog I already frequented, someone that I felt I already knew fairly well, someone that I stalked read on an almost daily basis. But lo and behold, there was at least one blog that I had not yet discovered, and I found myself poring through archived posts trying to get a feel for who this KM person is. I found lots of great stuff: she is funny and sweet and intelligent. She is a bowler (I am the worst bowler ever, in real life and on the Wii) and she admires Julia Stiles's hair (so do I!). And while I found all this reading enlightening and enjoyable it made me realize that I am not here to compare our similarities and differences. What is this, Introduction to Critical Analysis 101? No. I am here to write an anonymous post, and dammit, that is what I'm going to do.

I've always found the idea of posting anonymously a bit absurd, possibly because I am narcissistic and believe that everyone should be as fascinated by my life as I am, possibly because I don't have many deep, dark secrets hiding in my soul that I need to share. It seems counterintutive to me to have a blog and yet not want people to know about you, yet I, too, am frequently drawn the sweet and dark anonymity of blogs like Post Secret. But there are definitely a few things that I would not be comfortable publishing on my own blog and this seems like a good place to store those thoughts.

* I have finally decided that I do want a marriage and children. It took a long time for me to get to that place and sometimes it makes me nervous to think about wanting something that might not ever happen. My life as it is is happy and content, I would hate to have something so important to me throw a monkey wrench into the works. I want him to want what I want. I want us to be on the same page. I don't know what I'll do if we don't end up there together.
* I feel as though I have to work harder than most people to overcome obstacles. I am sometimes feel resentful that I was born with my genetic makeup, a propensity towards being overweight, heart disease, high blood pressure, a quick temper, and stubbornness. I keep telling myself I do not have to be any of those things. I am better than that. I can change things. Most days it works. Some days it does not.
* I wish I could tell my parents I love them more frequently without them thinking it was because I was on my deathbed.
* I do not believe I am that great of a writer. I wish I was.
* Lately I have been considering a large shift in the nature of my work. There are many aspects of this that need to be weighed out: money, vacation, feeling as though I am doing good works, etc. Thankfully, I am in no rush to change, but it has been on my mind.

Wow. I feel surprisingly great that I could share some of these things and not have to answer to a flurry of concerned or surprised emails from people I know. Maybe I'll do this more often! Or you know, not. Because it is kind of stressful writing for someone else. And I already miss posting on my own blog.

A very big thank you to KM for hosting today. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Real Gunn Show

PROJECT RUNWAY PREMIERS TONIGHT! I am so excited I cannot contain myself. I cannot wait to see all of the designs and my beloved Tim Gunn.

While I did watch a few episodes of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, it just wasn't the same. There was no "Make it work" and Veronica just got on my nerves. But tonight, I will gleefully watch PR and then whine and pout that I have to wait so long for the next episode.
Although I am only allowed 1 hour blocks of fashion frenzy at a time, I will use the down time wisely--by catching up on the snark at Television Without Pity and Pink Navy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Confessions of a TV Junkie

Being home sick yesterday gave me the opportunity to do something that I haven't done in quite some time: watch random TV shows for no other reason than the fact that they are on and I'm sitting on my arse. Since investing in DVR (yes, it is an investment--I might not make money on it, but it gives me more time while still allowing me to be a TV Junkie) I have not tuned in to hours of L&O reruns or flipped through the channels before landing on some random movie that I wasn't really in to, but had seen a million times and therefore had a connection to--Bring It On comes to mind.

Yesterday I watched said L&O reruns and also found time to watch the lovely Julia Stiles and yummy Matt Damon in Bourne Identity. I really do love her. I think it's because of 10 Things I Hate About You. She was also the inspiration for my hair cut. (Which I'm getting trimmed tomorrow, so Books we'll have to get together!) My DVR is currently 33% full, but everything on there needs to be watched later, with D.

D and I watch Heroes together every Monday night. Not when it airs, we have to watch it later so we can fast forward through all the commercials. Also, we usually work out on Monday nights. That did not really happen last night, though we didn't watch Heroes until 11:30pm. I should mention that my bedtime is 10 o'clock. We both napped in the evening, so after watching Heroes we watched My Name is Earl and the first part of CSI: Miami. I am not quite awake today. I am also still feeling sick. It would have been lovely to relive my at home day yesterday today--but to wake up tomorrow feeling better. Or just to feel better now, but still be at home.

Heroes is really the only show D watches with any regularity. I actually didn't want to watch it at all, but I love the idea of D and I watching TV together and sharing that. I really have no idea why I think it's that great of an idea to be TV Junkies together, but I blame my parents for this. Anyway, I had no desire to watch Heroes, but set it to record on my DVR so we could watch it together. Now I'm hooked.
While Heroes is a great show and all, that is not the point of this post. What I'm really trying to say is that I watch a lot of TV. I mean A LOT. I also blame that on my parents, actually my dad. It's All. His. Fault. I currently have 27 season passes set on my DVR. Not all of the shows are on right now, but still--that's a lot. I know it. I own it. Without much further ado, here are the shows I record. I'll admit I'm addicted to most of them. I'm not giving them links because seriously, what's the point? And I'm not putting them in order of favorites--do you know how hard it is for me to answer that question? I can't even narrow it down to five! So, in alpha order, this is what I'm watching when I could be cooking, cleaning or working out:
Back to You
Biggest Loser (TBL)
Brothers & Sisters
Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
Law & Order
Law & Order Criminal Intent
Law & Order SVU
My Name is Earl
Project Runway (PR)
Pushing Daisies
Side Order of Life
The Closer
The Office
Top Chef
There are a few, like Back to You, that I could take or leave. I probably wouldn't watch My Name is Earl anymore if D didn't like it. I haven't gotten to Chuck or Pushing Daisies yet, as D and I are saving those for when Heroes takes a break. Project Runway starts TOMORROW and I couldn't be more excited. Some of my shows were cancelled. Some I had to stop watching because of scheduling conflicts (my DVR can only record two shows at once--that is not enough, people) and some I set up but then deleted (ie: Dirty Sexy Money) because I just really don't have the time. I also recorded random 'flip' shows, but I recently deleted them because we just weren't watching them like we did.
As you can tell from my list, detective shows are kind of my thing. Medical dramas are also up there. I used to not watch reality TV, but that was before TBL, PR and Top Chef. I justify it by saying that these are all life altering shows--and not just in a money kind of way. But whatever, it's reality TV. I'm hooked. Anything on this list you watch? What am I missing out on?

Throwing In The Towel

***First, I need to admit that I did fail miserably at NaBloPoMo. I was home sick yesterday and could not get the frickin' computer to work. Granted, I only tried twice, but I was sick. So, I slept yesterday instead of posting. I have no idea what I would have posted, so perhaps you are all the better for not having to read through it.***

It's Tuesday. I missed posting on Monday. Sorry. I need to say that I am giving this my best effort. Also, I'm going to be in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving. Yea! But, we do not have a laptop. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to post from Las Vegas. I might need to amend my commitment to NaBloPoMo to days that I am at work.

I need to catch up on work today, but hopefully later I will be able to catch up on your blogs and possibly write another inspired post of my own. It's been awhile, so maybe the Muse's holiday is over and she will return so I can redeem myself.

Monday, November 12, 2007

9 Hours Of Bowling Sucks

I realize that most of you don't bowl and have no desire to read about bowling, but after spending a long day in one of the worst Family Fun Centers I don't have anything else to write about.

Also, I realize that it's technically Monday, but I fell asleep after bowling and just woke up to post. It's the middle of the night, so let's just pretend.

Today was tough for me on the lanes and I really could have used a remote controlled bowling ball.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Day Of Work And Bowling

You can tell it's November when I'm bowling all the time and also have to work on the weekends. This month is short on workdays and weekends, but apparently that makes it appealing for organizations to cram everything into.

This morning I was at work. We had a luncheon for donors and students. It's an easy event to work and it went incredibly well--it just took up time. At least I was served delicious pot roast for my efforts.

After changing out of my snazzy pink tweed suit (That's right, pink tweed. Oh yeah.) I put on my cute black and white bowling shirt. I didn't think it was possible to be in two such extremely different venues in one day. Although when I'm bowling with my tournament team it is rarely the 'bowling alley' you imagine or see on TV. These are mostly women's tournaments and even when we're bowling with/against the men, people there are competitive--not wearing wife beaters or My Drinking Team has a Bowling Problem T-shirts. Bowling is an odd thing as it is both a recreational activity and a competitive sport.

The center was not as kind to us as it could have been today. For starters, it was hot. My Degree was activated. Also, it took forever to get my food. And we just didn't score as well as we would have liked. We'll do better tomorrow. Yes, another full day in a bowling center. But, this time I don't have to go into work as well; and we're wearing teal.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Looking Famous And Beautiful

If you have time to kill or need a writing prompt for NaBloPoMo, head on over to My Heritage and see which celebrities you look like. I'm still on Cloud 9 because Vanessa Marcil was deemed "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" by Prince for his video. I think she is lovely. I take it as a compliment to look 84.5% like her. (But I don't. Look like her, that is.) Or to resemble any of these ladies by as much as 10%.

I used 5 pictures of myself and then tracked the top 5 celebrities that appeared for each photo and the percentage of resemblance. After a little easy math (my brain can't handle any other kind of math) I came up with these stats. So, I look like this...according to a computer.

Kate Bosworth 86.5%

Eva Longoria 85%

Vanessa Marcil 84.5%

Kate Hudson 84%

Portia Derossi 83%

If you know me in real life, I won't be at all offended if you disagree with the face recognition software. Really. If you say, "I just don't see it," I'll reply with, "I don't see it either." Plus, I don't have blonde hair. But, I've dreamed of looking like Kate Hudson, so maybe my dreams are coming true?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 8 And It's Getting To Me

  1. I often admit to being under inspired for blog entries. Why I thought I could do NaBloPoMo is beyond me; but here I am, posting nothingness.
  2. Well, that was an incredibly negative way to start this post.
  3. It often happens that I have tons of great ideas that come to me when I am no where near my computer.
  4. My cathartic walks to Sbux often leave me feeling creative; something which rarely happens at my desk.
  5. The great ideas never seem to stick, though, or the humor and/or insight is lost as it runs the course from my right brain to my fingertips.
  6. What I need is a digital voice recorder, then I could dictate my blog entries on my walks and just type it up--or hook it up to specialized software and be done with it.
  7. I actually did this my senior year in high school for a poetry contest. I borrowed my teacher's recorder and as I would run errands for her during my TA hour I would work out the lines of my poems. It really worked; the creativity just flowed. Two of my three poems won in two different categories. (Unnecessary pat on the back for something done 10 years ago.)
  8. I guess this means I'm not the type of person who can harness the creativity, or I just haven't learned how to yet. I'm guessing it takes work for most.
  9. The last thought made me imagine lightning bugs in a jar.
  10. Do you say lightning bugs or fireflies? Is it regional?
  11. Back to not being able to come up with inspired blog entries from my desk, this shouldn't shock me. In college I hand wrote all of my papers in a local coffee shop on a red velvet couch and then would type them up back in my dorm room. A laptop would have helped me out greatly, Mom and Dad.
  12. What all of this means to me is that I really need to blog someplace other than work.
  13. Also, online shopping does not cure writer's block, but I did buy the Banana Republic bubble necklace. Score!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some Gold & Wool Will Make It All Better

As I continue on the Quest to Create an Interesting Wardrobe, I become more and more frustrated and confused. The set above is from Banana Republic. Not that I would wear these pieces all together, but maybe the necklace on its own when a neckline calls for it or just the earrings or the earrings and the cuff bracelet on occasion. I'm trying to find accessories, but I really want diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. (Interesting? Not really. Beautiful, timeless and functional? Absolutely.) Also, diamonds are a bit out of my budget right now. I wear gold, not silver, so this further complicates things; so many gold/golden things look tacky to me and I'm afraid that all of the above just might fit in that category. I want something interesting, but I'm just not sure if these pieces (even on their own) will work for me. If you have any ideas, please send them my way!!!

On to the next. I feel pretty confident, in general, about picking sweaters, but I would appreciate some advice. Please give me honest opinions about the below styles and colors. The first two are from Ann Taylor and the third is from Gap.

I LOVE the red buckle sweater, my only concern is that it will look frumpy on me. Also, I have a great red zip sweater, but it is a bit more casual. What do you think of the red one?

The oatmeal shawl collar sweater is OK. I think I like it, but I also think it looks a little old lady for me. (Not actually like a 'little old lady' but a little like something an old lady would wear.) They also have it in black, but do I really need another black cardigan? Quite possibly I do, but I'd like to branch out in the colors just a bit, even if I'm still in the neutrals.

The oatmeal crew collar sweater is, I don't know. It's just calling me. I feel like I need it. I obviously don't need two new oatmeal cardigans, so which would you choose if you had to pick one?

Do you like any of these sweaters at all? If not, I usually have better taste--I swear! For proof, I offer you my word that I have received two compliments on my sweater dress/calf boot outfit today. And no, I do not look like a hooker.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Better Than A Radio Station T-shirt

Yesterday was just an average day, just like any other day in the life of KM & D until we arrived home and D went to get the mail. He came in the house and said, "Who is Lastname from Somecity, MN?" To be honest, I wasn't quite sure, but then I turned around and saw that he had a package for me. "That's my prize from my blogger friend!" (Thirty before 30)

A huge eye roll followed.

D: Why did you get a prize?

KM: I won her Tuesday Tunes contest.

After a short explanation of blogs and the contest...

D: But you suck at that.

KM: Well, yes. But I named the song and someone else named the artist so we both got something "Real Nice".

But D is right; knowing artists names is not my strong suit. For the first 4 years that I listened to country I didn't know that Garth Brooks sang more than half of my favorite songs. I knew I liked Garth Brooks, but I didn't know how much I liked him until D gave me the box set of all of his albums. Apparently he knew how much I liked Garth Brooks. Coincidentally, Garth Brooks has a new album out called Ultimate Hits--it hits shelves today.

Anyway, I did win the contest. (I won! I won! I really, really won!) and Thirty sent me a great package full of prizes (pictured above). I do have a crush on Jim from "The Office" so I really appreciate the I Heart Jim notepad. And who wouldn't love hot chocolate and Lip Smackers? Thank you, Thirty! I love my prize(s) and I will continue to play; but now you know that it was a complete fluke that I won!

Monday, November 5, 2007

How I Will One Day Embarrass My Hypothetical Future Children

When I was 14 my family packed into the minivan to travel from MN to Jackson Hole, WY. We were on our way to a family reunion. It can't get more exciting than that, people. This was a gathering of my mom's family and more specifically, of my mom's mom's family. (I could just of easily have said "My maternal grandmother" but I always chuckle when people go through the relationship tree: my dad's sister's crazy daughter's husband vs. my cousin's husband.) And let me tell you, while my mom's sisters (I did it again just for you) are crazier than she is, she is definitely less inhibited and more likely to make a complete fool of herself.

On with the story: One afternoon we (me, my mom, and a few of my aunts) were walking through a grocery store and saw a crate full of fruit with a sign reading: MANGOES. My mother loudly and enthusiastically exclaimed, "Ooh, mangoes! I hate mangoes." On the same shopping 'adventure' she wondered off on her own down an aisle of boxed foods and began to clipitty-clop in her cowboy boots. She then ran around to find us in the next aisle over and excitedly asked, "Did I sound like a horse? Did I? Did I?" Did I mention I was 14? OH MY GOD; I was mortified. So, that is the story of My Mom, the Grocery Store and the Cowboy Boots.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's A Bird. It's A Plane.

Yes, I spent the entire day in a bowling center. Again. I swear there is a world where people think this is cool, though. Or at least not completely lame. Anyway, there was a big local tournament this weekend and both my dad and my brother did well enough on Saturday to make it to Sunday. Whoo hoo! I started my morning with yet another Grande Nonfat Chai and later had to supplement my caffeine intake with a Diet Dr. Pepper. (While I do love bowling and like to watch it, I'll admit that it does get a little slow.) My brother finished 8th. That is quite a good showing. My dad, however, has become some crazy good bowler (again) in the last few years and decided to make me stay at the bowling center for a total of 8.5 hours yesterday. A handful of people stayed to watch the final matches and when it was all said and done my dad was probably the underdog going in to the final match. While my dad is quite good, and called Superman on occasion by his peers, his opponent is still in his prime--my dad is on the senior circuit. In order to win, my dad would need to beat the hot younger player twice. He did it. He won. It was awesome. My dad rocks.

***I wrote this at about 6:00 pm on Sunday. My poor Internet connection at home would not let me post as it always timed out. I tried to publish a few more times, but eventually I needed to go to bed. So, I kept the time stamp from the last time I saved it. I hate to have the appearance of cheating so early in NaBloPoMo, but I tried, and tried, and tried.***

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Shots

Yes, I spend pretty much every weekend in the bowling alley regardless if I'm bowling or not. And yes, I still say 'bowling alley' most of the time even though I know I am supposed to say 'bowling center.' I'm working on it.

Today both my dad and my brother were bowling in a big tournament and I enjoyed watching, pseudo-coaching and cheering them on. I basically grew up in a bowling center, so I know most of the guys there, and it was fun to chat with everyone and see my friends do well. My dad and my brother both bowled well enough to make the cut, so they get to bowl tomorrow. I was reminded of the start time and that I even get an extra hour of sleep tonight (Remember, it's Day Light Savings--set your clocks back!) so that there is no excuse for me not to show up on time.

Lest you think I'm a social loser, I do have plans tonight with friends and we will not be bowling. I do expect that food and laughter will be involved though, and maybe even some shopping. Perhaps I'll find a few of the accessories I so desperately need.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mystery To Me

Supposedly a little mystery is good for a marriage, but I often thought of that as meaning the beauty secrets of women and not the mind boggling actions of men. D is wonderful, but here are a few things that I don't understand and some of them just drive me crazy.
  1. Unloading the dishwasher: D is very helpful in the kitchen in general. He doesn't even mind unloading the dishwasher, which is something I hate to do. He puts away the glasses, bowls, plates, and even the Tupperware-esque pieces in their proper places--but then he leaves the silverware in the dishwasher and begins to load the dirty dishes! I can't tell you how many times we've had cupboards full of dishes but no silverware.
  2. Vacuuming and scrubbing: D loves our Dyson. He vacuums all the time. He will even use the carpet cleaner on occasion without being asked. D also likes to scrub out the sink and wipe down the counters. This is wonderful. The only thing I don't understand is why he will not move the paper and clutter to a reasonable place before his surface cleaning begins. No, he doesn't clean around it, he just puts everything in a bag or box and puts it somewhere.
  3. Adding to the grocery list: I grocery shop every two weeks, more frequently on occasion. Starting a few days before I go, I ask D what he would like me to buy. He can never answer because he 'isn't hungry.' Ummm, what does that have to do with the next two weeks? So he always gets the same things (I keep a list of random things he likes and requests) and then I try to update the list every month or so.
  4. Things don't get low, they are all of a sudden GONE: As part of my inquiry before shopping trips, I ask if he needs any body wash, shaving cream, etc (we have our own bathrooms) and he never needs any of the above. A few days after I have gone grocery shopping, however, he is out of every hygiene product imaginable. There must be a metro sexual gremlin in his bathroom.
  5. The tan that lasts forever: D golfs a lot in the summer and he gets quite tan from that and the yard work. I understand that. What I don't understand is that he is still tan until March. MARCH! And then he starts to golf again in April or early May, so we have the same skin tone for all of 5 weeks. It's not fair. I hope our hypothetical future children get his complexion instead of my pasty white skin.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How D Plans Ahead For Potlucks

Tuesday night, 10:46 pm (I just checked my cell phone log), D calls.

D, in a slight panic: What do I need to make broccoli salad?

KM: Broccoli florets, apples; I don't know, a whole bunch of stuff. Why?

D: I need to bring a dish to work tomorrow and I signed up for salad.

KM, tired and a little annoyed: Why don't you just bring an easy salad then?

D: I promised everyone I would bring your salad because they really liked it last time.

KM, flattered and no longer annoyed (Good job, D!), rattled off the ingredients stating the ones that were in the refrigerator at home.

D comes home to find the recipe on the kitchen counter with the large Tupperware bowl rinsed and ready for use. Instead of following the directions on how to make the salad, he yells for KM to help. KM is not pleased but chops two apples anyway, and pulls the rest of the ingredients from the cupboards. She returns to bed. It is now almost midnight. D doubles the recipe for the salad and goes to bed.

KM awakes in the morning to find a mess in the kitchen. She is not a clean freak, but a messy kitchen she does not like.

D brings the salad to work.

D calls KM after lunch asking for the recipe to give to his coworkers. KM smiles that she has a recipe that people like.

KM’s Broccoli Salad


  • 1 cup Miracle Whip (or mayo if that’s your preference)
  • ½ cup & 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
Salad Base

  • ~5 cups broccoli florets (I used one 16oz bag of precut broccoli florets and chop them into more bite size pieces)
  • 1 small/medium apple, chopped
  • ½ cup Craisins
  • ¼ cup chopped walnuts
  • ¼ cup slivered almonds


  • Mix all dressing ingredients together
  • Mix dressing with salad base
  • Chill
  • Serve

Jumping On The Bandwagon

OK, so I just joined NaBloPoMo as a way to keep me on track with the whole blog thing. This will indeed be a challenge for me as I've been known to go weeks without updating and have never successfully updated everyday in a work week.

I have developed a plan to help me be successful over the next month. I have several small goals I would like to reach or at least work on before December 1st, so I will post on my progress as it relates to these projects and goals. Exciting, isn't it? I realize that this might get boring for you all to read, so maybe on a few slow days at work, or days where the inspiration just keeps coming, I will have additional posts. So, here are the things I hope to blog about:

  • Fashion: I'm working on the whole accessory thing. Maybe I'll post pictures of...something. (Way to start of with something exciting!)
  • Working out: I go through cycles on my commitment to work out and get in shape. Usually I come within 3lbs of my goal and then all of my dedication goes out the window and I binge on caramel corn and frou frou lattes. I'm hoping to hit my goal weight by December 1st and stay committed to the Healthy Eating Plan and weight training/yoga/cardio schedule.
  • Recipes: I would like to start making more meals at home and I have several great recipes that are tried and true and a few more that I would like to experiment with.

This is just titillating, isn't it? I hope I don't bore you all to death.