Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 8 And It's Getting To Me

  1. I often admit to being under inspired for blog entries. Why I thought I could do NaBloPoMo is beyond me; but here I am, posting nothingness.
  2. Well, that was an incredibly negative way to start this post.
  3. It often happens that I have tons of great ideas that come to me when I am no where near my computer.
  4. My cathartic walks to Sbux often leave me feeling creative; something which rarely happens at my desk.
  5. The great ideas never seem to stick, though, or the humor and/or insight is lost as it runs the course from my right brain to my fingertips.
  6. What I need is a digital voice recorder, then I could dictate my blog entries on my walks and just type it up--or hook it up to specialized software and be done with it.
  7. I actually did this my senior year in high school for a poetry contest. I borrowed my teacher's recorder and as I would run errands for her during my TA hour I would work out the lines of my poems. It really worked; the creativity just flowed. Two of my three poems won in two different categories. (Unnecessary pat on the back for something done 10 years ago.)
  8. I guess this means I'm not the type of person who can harness the creativity, or I just haven't learned how to yet. I'm guessing it takes work for most.
  9. The last thought made me imagine lightning bugs in a jar.
  10. Do you say lightning bugs or fireflies? Is it regional?
  11. Back to not being able to come up with inspired blog entries from my desk, this shouldn't shock me. In college I hand wrote all of my papers in a local coffee shop on a red velvet couch and then would type them up back in my dorm room. A laptop would have helped me out greatly, Mom and Dad.
  12. What all of this means to me is that I really need to blog someplace other than work.
  13. Also, online shopping does not cure writer's block, but I did buy the Banana Republic bubble necklace. Score!


-R- said...

I just wrote pretty much the least inspired post ever. Oh well.

I have never thought about the fireflies/lightning bugs difference. I think I grew up saying both. What do you call them?

KM said...

I say 'lightning bugs' but when I was typing it out my nosey co-worker looked over my shoulder and read it and said, "They're called fire flies." Whatever, just another reason not to blog at work.

L Sass said...

I am seriously planning to copy you and snag that bubble necklace myself, by the way!