Saturday, November 3, 2007

Good Shots

Yes, I spend pretty much every weekend in the bowling alley regardless if I'm bowling or not. And yes, I still say 'bowling alley' most of the time even though I know I am supposed to say 'bowling center.' I'm working on it.

Today both my dad and my brother were bowling in a big tournament and I enjoyed watching, pseudo-coaching and cheering them on. I basically grew up in a bowling center, so I know most of the guys there, and it was fun to chat with everyone and see my friends do well. My dad and my brother both bowled well enough to make the cut, so they get to bowl tomorrow. I was reminded of the start time and that I even get an extra hour of sleep tonight (Remember, it's Day Light Savings--set your clocks back!) so that there is no excuse for me not to show up on time.

Lest you think I'm a social loser, I do have plans tonight with friends and we will not be bowling. I do expect that food and laughter will be involved though, and maybe even some shopping. Perhaps I'll find a few of the accessories I so desperately need.


-R- said...

I didn't know that "bowling alley" wasn't the proper name!

KM said...

I can't really give you the reasoning for it, I just know that I get corrected all the time. I think they want it to sound less like something dirty. Also, many bowling centers now have great restaurants, arcades and some even have laser tag, ect. With all of the parties and everything else, it is supposed to be an entertainment center for the family, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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