Friday, October 19, 2007

A Fashionista I'm Not

I look presentable most days. Actually, I think I have nice clothes, I just go for comfort more often than fashion. And I'm an accessory virgin. I often day dream about going out (anywhere) looking fashionable and put together, like I purposefully put on each article knowing that they complimented each other and worked together to create the perfect look--but the effort it must take to actually DO that. Thinking about the effort stops me every time.

What I actually do, is roll out of bed and select a pair of black or gray or sometimes pinstriped pants and pair them with a solid sweater of some kind--I like to mix it up with short sleeves and long sleeves and sometimes a cardigan. (So daring, I know!) I do all of that after showering and towel drying my hair. Then I put on my wedding ring to complete the look. On Fridays and weekends I do the same thing with jeans, and sometimes a T-shirt (tanks in the summer).

This week I'm going through a Let's Try To Get Ready phase, so I've worn skirts and dresses and button up shirts (can one even say 'blouse' anymore?) and even earrings one day. Everyone at work kept asking if I had interviews scheduled. And by 'everyone' I mean two people and I wish that I did have interviews scheduled, I need to get back on that. I've felt pretty good about my outfits this week, but I know that I will eventually slide back into my favorite sweater, and then the Ugly Sweater once it gets colder. I'm trying to guard against this, but it seems inevitable.

My goal is to not only look work appropriate (which I really think that I do most every day) but to look professional and pulled together. It would be nice to pass the Ex Test (you know, the one where if you ran into an ex you would just know you looked good and wouldn't give a second thought to saying "Hi" because you're not dressed in an old T-shirt with Crocs on) or maybe more appropriate for this post, the Impromptu Executive Meeting Test--not that I wear old T-shirts and Crocs to work, but you get the idea. I'm working on it. I'll probably never be a fashionista, but maybe someday soon I'll own an accessory or two and know how to wear them.


Heather said...

First things first, you always look great at work. Well, you always did. I guess we haven't worked together for a while! But you do look cute when you wear those dresses and skirts too.

I totally know what you mean though. There are some people who always look great. Cute clothes that are appropriate for every situation, every hair in place, perfect height for heels, etc. (let't get together and talk sometime about how I now work with Miss Minnesota).

Hang in there, Ann Taylor.

KM said...

Thanks for trying to vouch for me...but it's been awhile, you never know...I might actually be wearing T-shirts and Crocs to work now.
Today I'm wearing my pearls and my CFM heels. That look is not working and since the event tonight is conservative I'm changing into simple black pumps. But I have on earrings and a necklace--I should get points for that!

-R- said...

I actually wore a necklace to work today and was quite proud of myself!