Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I think most of us have our checklists in the morning--things we need to do or need to pack before heading out for the day. Beyond basic hygiene and not being naked, my routine is to give the dogs their meds, grab some breakfast, snacks and lunch and pack up my water bottle.

D has a different kind of checklist. First, he really only has to take care of himself in the morning (which will soon change!) except for the rare occasions that he feeds the dogs or lets them in or out (that is like second nature to me, so I don't feel the need to include it in my To Do list). Second, he doesn't really need to think about what to do in the morning because I constantly question if he remembered to grab lunch or if he has his cell phone or if he has tried the new bars or trail mix I bought. So, D's checklist doesn't really happen until we're in the car--or more precisely--until I start to get out of the car.

You see, we carpool to work on a fairly regular basis and at least half the time that we ride together we are rushed and he needs to drop me off and get to the office in under 10 minutes (which is very doable most mornings, but traffic does happen). This morning was one of those mornings and as I exited the car he said, "Have a good day. I'll call you when I'm leaving. Love you. Bye." I looked at him and replied, "Did you get everything?" He nodded and we kissed (because we ALWAYS kiss goodbye).

Anyway, I thought it was cute and it goes to show that I'm not the only crazy one in this relationship.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend of Labor

No. I was not in labor, nor was I in the hospital for anything preterm labor related. But it was Labor Day weekend and all, and although I had Monday off from my job, the work was never ending.

My very pregnant self (T minus 9 weeks!) and D worked around the house ALL WEEKEND. No rest for the weary. We made at least two trips to the local home improvement store (because we can never get everything we need all at once) and then went out to dinner twice. The rest of the weekend was spent indoors slaving away on self-imposed projects. And oh, it would have been a beautiful weekend to have been outside.

Anyway...we were quite successful in completing our project lists and although I am still freaking out about everything we have left to do before we bring a baby home, we are both happy with the progress we made. AND we didn't kill each other! We worked at home together, on home improvement projects no less, and we didn't kill each other or file for divorce! We have truly matured.

Here are the things we have checked off our project list:
  • Paint nursery - CHECK
  • Pull carpet up in family room - CHECK
  • Lay tile in basement - CHECK
  • Clean laundry room - half check: all the laundry is done (except for the clothes and bath towels from the weekend) but I haven't organized the boxes yet and the tile for the foyer still lives in there
  • Fold and put away all clean laundry - CHECK All eight (8) baskets full of clothes
  • Organize closets - CHECK

We still have a lot left to do, but once the carpeting is installed (we should hear from them sometime this week) the rest of the list isn't urgent. At least I don't think it's urgent right now--I might feel differently tomorrow, or in 15 minutes.

And as I mentioned above, we also went out to dinner twice (one involving the most delectable of all desserts), both times with my parents. It was their 35th anniversary yesterday and we tried to take them out for dinner on Sunday, but they insisted on paying and then invited us out to dinner again last night and insisted on paying again. We obviously need to sharpen up on our 'grab the check' skills; but they did tell us to put that money towards baby items, so I guess it all works out. (?)

Oh, and D also made me scrambled eggs with ham and cheese on both Sunday and Monday. Love.

I hope you all had lovely weekends and found time to RELAX!