Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stop Requested

I took the bus all the way home from work yesterday. Yes, this is a big deal. I don't usually take the bus--I get door to door service in a carpool with D, but sometimes I have to wait insane amounts of time for him to pick me up. Yesterday was one of those days. And I had a free bus pass from Metro Transit. Score!

Anyway, that actual getting home part was fine--it was much easier than I thought it would be: I made it to my transfer and everything. Yea me! So, I got on the correct bus twice and made it home without incident. I won't go as far as saying that the bus is awesome, but my new found knowledge might come in handy every once in awhile.

While the process was easier, the experience was my worst [logical] fear of what would happen on a bus ride. (Although I would have loved to meet Sandra Bullock, Keannu Reeves not so much.) Gross, smelly, wife-beater-wearing guy sat next to me AND WANTED TO TALK! His initial line was, "Can you turn that around so we can talk?" He was referring to my wedding ring. Nice. He then went on to tell me that he is really stressed out and that he finally went to see a "psycho doc" who gave him medication of some kind, "but that won't go well with [his] sobriety." What the...? Why was he sharing this with me? I could have told him my life story, but I didn't. I could have told him that we watched Knocked Up the other night and I was laughing so hard, but then I freaked out because I now laugh like my mother. I could have told him that everyday I feel guilty because my dog is in pain and D and I can't make a decision, which is to say we've made a decision by not making one, but we feel awful about it. I could have told him that I didn't care and that he should take his stale cigarette and B.O. stench somewhere else, but I didn't. I'm not mean, people. I didn't really talk to him, only nodded on occasion and prayed that each stop was his. No luck, he was with me for the duration.

I relayed all of this to D and he couldn't help but to laugh at the thought of me on a city bus. What does that mean? Anyway, I have another free pass that I'll probably use tomorrow. And now that I know the route, I might actually be able to signal for my transfer stop instead of silently praying that my stop is a popular one and another passenger will need to get off as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Luv U

How is it that people will call and email and even text me about my blog, but they won't comment? Just silly. That's okay though; at least I know someone checks in every now and then. And really, no guilt about not commenting. Really. I did get several calls and emails regarding my hair cut though, so that was fun. For the record, I am starting to like it a lot more now. I won't go shorter, but I might keep it at this length for awhile.

So, what is it with all of the texting and such? My brother rarely answers his phone, but if you text him he replies instantly. And the abbreviations--I always thought the texting commercials on TV were kind of humorous (It would be so cool if I knew the company name to insert here, but you know, the commercials where the mom is all crazy over the wireless bill because of the excessive text messaging? You know that one, right?) and completely exaggerated until I received a text from a friend that was down right laughable with all of the NBD and IDK talk. And she's a professional woman! I swear she's not 16. Although, as I type this I feel as though I'm a bubble gum blowing, head-tilting, 16 year old Valley Girl. Gawd! The tone of this entry is so teenager-y.

Moving on. Texting reminds me of the days of pagers and typing out messages with the numbers. Or 9-1-1-ing people over completely stupid things. (I never had a pager. I wasn't cool like that.) And the upside down number/word thing reminds me of 6th grade prank of writing PEN15 on some one's hand.

Anyway...I'm glad that we have all sorts of ways to keep in touch, so whatever way you choose, I'm just happy that we're connected.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here I Am. Love Me.

Here is Cooper, the Second Cutest Puppy in the World. I had the pleasure of meeting him on Saturday and he is so sweet and roly poly and has puppy breath and everything.

I know my friend will disagree with me on his runner-up title because he is obviously adorable and she has photographic evidence to back up her argument, but I am ever so slightly biased.

Here is the official M.O.V. Cutest Puppy in the World title holder, Carter:

Awwww! Isn't he cute!?! He's WAY BIG now and moves like a deer with all of his uber long legs, but he's definitely a cutie.

After spending the afternoon with Cooper, I decided that I definitely wanted another puppy. (Don't tell D!!!) I even said it out loud. As my friend rightly stated, "If you get another puppy you'll never have kids." And I do want kids (someday--don't ask me when), so no more puppies for me...yet.


Happy 25th Birthday Smiley! Read the article Digital 'smiley face' turns 25.

A little known fact: my nickname when I was 16 was Smiley; I got it from a friend's boyfriend at her Sweet Sixteen birthday party--we were the only two people there who didn't know anyone else. Later, friend's boyfriend's friend asked me out. We dated. It was a huge drama that is for another post...if I get really bored someday.

A spin off from that nickname was my first ever screen name/user name: SmileyK79.

Also, I prefer :) to :-)
I'm just lazy, but it really means that my smileys don't have noses. :(

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sneak Peek



Yes, I cut my hair off. At least 10 inches of it. I donated it to Locks of Love on Saturday.

So, if you want to see my new 'do, we'll have to find a time to go out for coffee or lunch or maybe walking or something so I'm not eating all the time. Wait--did I just dream that I was popular?

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Bowling season is now officially here once again. Last night was my first night of league and it was everything I expected. That's just not nice. Why can't it be better than I remembered? Why can't it be fun? Why can't it only take an hour? Sheesh. I didn't get home until 10:30 AT NIGHT! That's just crazy.

Anyway, it was nice to see a few of the people that I hadn't seen all summer long. And it was a nice reminder that even when things change they tend to stay the same, for example this is a conversation I overheard between two guys at bowling last year:

Roy: I see you got some new jeans there, Jonny.

Jon: Yeah, I just bought ‘em.

Roy: Next time you should see about buying a butt to put in them.

Me to Jon: Tell him, ‘you can’t buy ass in Minnesota.’ (I just had to add that in for you all since I thought it was funny. You can all laugh now. No, not at me, at the excellent joke I made.)

Last night Roy said to Jon, "Hey Jonny, I thought I told you last year to get a butt for those jeans." Yes, he really thinks he's funny. This comment resulted in an uproar of laughter from his teammates. Don't judge me by the league company I keep; there aren't very many options.

Also on the topics of strikes--my friend is on strike right now. I'm not sure about all the issues, but I'm glad she's supporting what she believes in.

And I need to write about Q, but later; it's a sensitive subject right now.