Thursday, May 29, 2008


I had the best of intentions--Really! I was going to post about my birthday and the lovely four day weekend and random baby related things, and then...and then I got sidetracked.

D surprised me on my b-day and brought me breakfast in bed. Aw. After watching something on DVR, we went to work out. We also saw Harrison's new blockbuster and I simply cannot wait until July 18 to see the other big movie of the summer. (And I know there are other big movies, but that is the one I am waiting for.) Because our new favorite movie theater is at a mall, we did some shopping to let the nachos digest before heading to Big Bowl for dinner. Yum. Once home, we collapsed in bed because apparently that is a really big day for us.

And my four days off: Fantastic. I spent most of the time being a lazy bum, but also got out of the house to shop for maternity clothes. I can't find anything I like. Plus, most of them are still too big for me even though my clothes are too small. I need a happy medium. So I've resorted to wearing empire waist dresses and T-shirts that are too tight. I simply adore my Bella Band, though.

Oh, and I found out that Zimm is having a girl! She is due October 15. And my friend Lisha is due December 2. And -R-, of course, is due about the same time that I am! I know so many pregnant ladies!

I think that wraps up this update.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Announcement

Dear Internet: I'm pregnant.

So, those of you that knew, you can now admit to knowing what you know. Those of you that didn't know, sorry, I had to get around to telling some people before I could let you know--and I might have tried to tell some of you IRL, but you cancelled plans on me to, you know, find a place to live since you need to vacate your SOLD home in a few weeks. You know who you are.

So, on with the news:
  • I'm 16 weeks along. For those of you that don't count your life in weeks, that means 4 months.
  • Estimated Due Date = November 2
  • D and I are both very excited.
  • Yes, we were trying. No, we didn't tell anyone that we were trying--so if you're surprised, you're not alone.
  • I found out the day that I started my new job.
  • I told D .23 seconds later by calling him into the bathroom to look at a pee stick by the sink. It was tres romantique.
  • I only had 1 or 2 days of nausea. That sounds wonderful and all, but I was constantly convinced that something was wrong because I was without symptoms. I did, however, get every virus that family, co-workers and strangers on the street had, so that was tons of fun.
  • We plan to find out the gender of the baby and to share that information. That appointment will most likely be in the middle of June.
  • We plan to share the name of the baby once we decide on it. We will not ask for input on the name and your opinion will not change our minds.
  • This weekend I started to look more pregnant and less lumpy.
  • I felt the first official movement last Wednesday night (5/14) but didn't believe it until I felt it again on Sunday (5/18). BP08 likes (or doesn't like?) Mexican food!
  • We are referring to the baby as BP08; you may or may not get where that comes from but it is of absolutely no importance so don't worry. :)
  • Not only have I been neglecting this dear blog because I have been busy with work and sick, but also because every time I had the opportunity to write, all I could think to write about was the baby that I had not yet told you about. I will work hard to continue updating and not become only a baby blog, but no promises and hey--aren't baby posts better than no posts at all?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Four Monday I find last Friday's flower picture a bit disturbing and scary. Just FYI.

And today--today I am shamelessly steeling the idea of a four-themed-meme from L Sass (although it is a slightly different one I received via email from Mom):

Four things I did 10 years ago (1998):
1. Won my first MJBT (scratch singles bowling tournament).
2. Saw the end of my first real relationship that started when I was 16. It ended in the fall of 1997, but the heartbreak continued well into 1998, as did the transition into friendship. The friendship later had to end because it became unhealthy on all sides, but I still treasure the lessons learned from the entire experience.
3. Had 11 shots of cheap vodka, attempted to prove I was sober by counting to 10 (went something like 1-2-3...major time delay...7-8-9...), woke up puking and chugged 2 liters of water, went back to sleep and awoke to have eggs for breakfast. Looking back, I feel somewhat lucky to be alive and also very stupid.
4. Took a job at Dayton's and proceeded to accrue tons of credit card debt.

Four things I did 5 years ago (2003):
1. Got engaged!!! (May 16, to be exact)
2. Quit LTF (so glad to be back now!) but was still in the best shape of my adult life thanks to daily lunch hour walks and my now discontinued orange/pineapple lactose free SlimFast. (Now I work out and actually eat healthy and still cannot get back to that fitness level--getting old really does suck.)
3. Attended at least 7 weddings between spring and fall.
4. Bought a house with D and spent 2 months fixing it up before moving in.

Four things I did 1 year ago (2007):
1. Celebrated a new promotion in Development (May 14).
2. Had a surprise party for D's 30th birthday.
3. Missed my 10 year reunion for high school, but attended D's and decided missing mine wasn't all bad.
4. Spend a week in Paris with Mom. It was a fantastic vacation that I had wanted to take for years and all the pieces finally fell into place. I'm glad to have shared that experience with my mom and hope that next time we can convince D and Dad to come along.

Four things I did yesterday:
1. Watched my dad compete in a bowling tournament because that's what we do--if one of us isn't bowling, we watch whichever family member is. At least the bowling centers are smoke free now.
2. Went shopping for sundresses and discovered that summer dresses are really not office-appropriate.
3. Put clean sheets on the bed--we do this often, but how I love sleeping wrapped in clean sheets.
4. Ate dinner with my family in early celebration of my first 29th birthday. And I'm excited to have my leftovers for lunch today!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Needed Some Color

Because it's Friday and it's Spring.
I really don't care how digitally altered this picture is--it's kind of pretty and certainly unique.
I promise I will start posting more next week.

**picture courtesy of a forwarded email

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Working On Saturday Sucks

I am preparing for a two day fundraising event that happens next weekend. I have been working long hours for weeks now with my two co-workers and I can tell you that although getting to the office when it's dark and leaving the office when it's dark sucks, it also really sucks when you have to come to the office on a weekend and it's sunny out. Boo! to long hours of work, but Yay! to comp time!