Monday, August 20, 2007

We Breed TV Junkies

Wow, it's been entirely too long since I've posted! I'd like to say it was because of something fun, but really, I was busy with an event for work, then I was sick, and then I was busy because of the event and being out sick. It's a vicious cycle. But, I'm back, less busy, and feeling much better. Thank you.

Right now it's incredibly gray and rainy in Minnesota. Yuck. D and I sat inside much of the weekend and watched TV. And rented a movie. And watched movies that were on TV. It was really exciting. I watched some pre-season Vikings and a bit of the Twins game with D on Friday night--that is love, people. We rented Vacancy--I couldn't watch it, it was a bit too scary for me, and also not very good. D gave me the CliffsNotes, and I'm glad I didn't stick around to see the whole movie--all of the eye-covering and ear-plugging would not have been worth it in the end.

A Time to Kill was on TV this weekend. I love that movie! I did get a little analytical during the trial though--like how did Mr. Brigance seemingly get to argue jury nullification? And how did he get to introduce evidence in his closing? (Well, maybe because he posed it as a hypothetical it wasn't actually introducing evidence...) Anyway, I still enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) watching the movie for entertainment purposes. Also, I realize that I asked uneducated law questions; I'll try to refrain from that in the future. Now enough about my L&O degree and back to me being a TV Junkie.

Home Improvement shows. There are so many of them! And D and I have become avid watchers of so many of the HGTV, A&E and TLC series that it's ridiculous. When do we find the time to actually do the projects we learn about if we can't stop watching the dang TV?!? As some of you know, we recently finished putting in new flooring and painting the trim of our living room. It looks beautiful. Thank you very much. Well, we need to paint the trim on the rest of the main floor now--progress has not been great on that. And watching all of these DIY shows only makes me want to tackle more and more projects around the house--that 70's kitchen? we can totally transform that into a gorgeous modern kitchen with a new tile backsplash and countertop, not to mention painting (or replacing) the cupboards and buying all new stainless steel appliances! Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, not only would doing this hurt our budget, but I've learned that home improvement projects are bad for my marriage. So, I will continue to plant myself on the couch and leave the big projects to the professional house flippers.

Oh, and about the picture of Carter. Yes, even he watches TV. And if you come to visit us, you can say, "Carter, go watch TV!" and he will run to the bedroom and stare at the television. Seriously. This provides us much entertainment and we end up watching strange Animal Planet shows because we get a kick out of watching Carter watch TV. I'm glad we're not tracking anything for Nielsen ratings.

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Beth said...

Finn watches tv too! We have a cute pic of him watching the Sopranos.