Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thirty-five Double U

Last night D came running upstairs and turned on the TV. 35W collapsed. Into the river. During rush hour.

I still cannot completely wrap my head around what is going on. It's just so surreal. I cannot believe this happened. I cannot believe it happened so close to me--near where I work, on a bridge I travel on constantly.

I rushed to the phone to call my mom. She takes 35W home from work, and although I knew she tended to leave around 5pm, I wanted to be sure. My family is fine. I spoke with many of my friends and they are fine. Emails are flying this morning with people checking in--checking on everyone else. It seems that my loved ones are all safe. I hope it stays that way.

Our HR Director is checking who is and who is not at work right now. She's going to start calling those who are missing.

Read the full story here: Star Tribune


-R- said...

I hope everyone from your office is ok! I heard this morning that they didn't think anyone from my office was hurt, and I hope that is still true.

KM said...

Everyone at our office is OK. We had a scare as we couldn't reach someone until 3pm (she had meetings out of the office all morning) and her husband wasn't answering his phone either. But, everyone I work with is fine and I don't believe that anyone in their families was hurt.