Thursday, September 6, 2007


Bowling season is now officially here once again. Last night was my first night of league and it was everything I expected. That's just not nice. Why can't it be better than I remembered? Why can't it be fun? Why can't it only take an hour? Sheesh. I didn't get home until 10:30 AT NIGHT! That's just crazy.

Anyway, it was nice to see a few of the people that I hadn't seen all summer long. And it was a nice reminder that even when things change they tend to stay the same, for example this is a conversation I overheard between two guys at bowling last year:

Roy: I see you got some new jeans there, Jonny.

Jon: Yeah, I just bought ‘em.

Roy: Next time you should see about buying a butt to put in them.

Me to Jon: Tell him, ‘you can’t buy ass in Minnesota.’ (I just had to add that in for you all since I thought it was funny. You can all laugh now. No, not at me, at the excellent joke I made.)

Last night Roy said to Jon, "Hey Jonny, I thought I told you last year to get a butt for those jeans." Yes, he really thinks he's funny. This comment resulted in an uproar of laughter from his teammates. Don't judge me by the league company I keep; there aren't very many options.

Also on the topics of strikes--my friend is on strike right now. I'm not sure about all the issues, but I'm glad she's supporting what she believes in.

And I need to write about Q, but later; it's a sensitive subject right now.

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