Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get Over It Already

Once upon a time KM and D met, fell in love and decided to get married. And then KM became a raging lunatic, known today as a bridezilla [n: a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious]. (Just in case you haven't heard that overused term.) Actually, I don't think I was a bridezilla at all. I knew what I wanted, and I had a few moments of panic and crabbiness, but I don't think I made outlandish demands of anyone or pouted ridiculously about anything. But, the point of this is, we were married three years ago (this will be important later) and did many of the traditional wedding things--even arguing over the guest list.

I found a lot of good advice and ways to save money on the knot when I was planning our wedding, but I also found out a lot about peer pressure and how vulnerable brides really are. All of the new bridal trends are chatted about constantly and advertisements litter the screen--it's hard not to get swept away in it all and start to believe that you absolutely must have Swarovski crystal favors to match your Swarovski crystal center pieces and cake topper that were necessary because of the Swarovski crystals in your tiara that was hand strung to coordinate with the gown and jewelry. Really. It's true. Of course there are the strong women that know exactly what they want and don't get sucked into the trend of the day; and there are the budget brides who 'really, really, really wish they could do that, but will have to settle for the favors they decided on before becoming a knottie.' (Yes, a knottie.)

So, without further ado, here is the latest trend of the day and the point of this post: Trash the Dress. Really, there is a new kind of post-wedding photography happening and a real demand for it. Check it out here. While I am not anywhere near being a new bride and beyond the reaches of the knot and it's magical powers of making me need an 18 layer cake with different flavors of cake and filling to appease every guest I've invited, I did do a Trash the Dress shoot. A few years after my wedding, but whatever. (And just so you all don't think I'm even crazier than you previously thought--I did not seek this out, it found me by luck. And it was free--she was building her portfolio. And it was FUN.)

Here are a few pictures taken by Sally Gruman, an up-and-coming photographer:


Kris said...

Loved the pictures KMP! I think the water pictures were my favorites.

Beth said...

WOW! Very cool. I like the ones by the trees with the crazy roots and the water pics. But the ones of you lying down in the sand are hot too!

Becky said...

You look gorgeous!

rae_rae0328 said...

Love all the pictures!! It looks like you are walking on water KM!