Friday, August 3, 2007

No Kiss, No Leave

A few years ago I implemented a new rule: we will always kiss before we say goodbye or leave the house. (Don't worry--this rule is just for D and me! No kissing required from the rest of you!) I believe this all started once we bought our house and we lived together for the first time, so that was 2003. Before that we had carpooled on occasion and there was always a goodbye kiss, so I decided it should be a regular thing whenever one of us was leaving.

Does anyone else make up random rules? Seriously, this was a rule. We discussed it and agreed upon it. It was not something that just started happening, although D will probably remember this much differently and say that he always did it or something like that.

One day we were moving things into our new house with the help of BIL #1, and once we finished D and BIL were going golfing. They went to leave and I stood on the stairs and just stared and D. He looked at me for a moment and wondered what was going on--then it hit him. He ran up the stairs, gave me a quick kiss and ran out the door. BIL was a little weirded out (It was just a peck! No room-getting required!) but neither of them said anything. We have, without hesitation, kissed goodbye ever since.

A couple of weeks ago D and I were arguing about something stupid--I'm sure it had to do with a purchase he was about to make or maybe had just made--anyway, he needed to go back to the store and I was mad and he was angry that I was upset, and so on and so forth. It was one of the spiralling out of control fights where all we really needed was for someone to sit us down and ask "Is it even worth it to be angry about this?" So, D grabbed his keys and came over to kiss me good bye. (Not a scary or dramatic good bye--he was going to the store.) And I just looked at him like he was crazy. I might have even said, "I don't want to kiss you now." D bent down to kiss me and said, "It's the rule."

I LOVE it! Seriously, that was really cool. Not only does he kiss me goodbye whenever he leaves (even if we're mad at each other) but he remembers my crazy rules!

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Beth said...

That is such a cute story! One point for DLP :)