Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Luv U

How is it that people will call and email and even text me about my blog, but they won't comment? Just silly. That's okay though; at least I know someone checks in every now and then. And really, no guilt about not commenting. Really. I did get several calls and emails regarding my hair cut though, so that was fun. For the record, I am starting to like it a lot more now. I won't go shorter, but I might keep it at this length for awhile.

So, what is it with all of the texting and such? My brother rarely answers his phone, but if you text him he replies instantly. And the abbreviations--I always thought the texting commercials on TV were kind of humorous (It would be so cool if I knew the company name to insert here, but you know, the commercials where the mom is all crazy over the wireless bill because of the excessive text messaging? You know that one, right?) and completely exaggerated until I received a text from a friend that was down right laughable with all of the NBD and IDK talk. And she's a professional woman! I swear she's not 16. Although, as I type this I feel as though I'm a bubble gum blowing, head-tilting, 16 year old Valley Girl. Gawd! The tone of this entry is so teenager-y.

Moving on. Texting reminds me of the days of pagers and typing out messages with the numbers. Or 9-1-1-ing people over completely stupid things. (I never had a pager. I wasn't cool like that.) And the upside down number/word thing reminds me of 6th grade prank of writing PEN15 on some one's hand.

Anyway...I'm glad that we have all sorts of ways to keep in touch, so whatever way you choose, I'm just happy that we're connected.


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