Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here I Am. Love Me.

Here is Cooper, the Second Cutest Puppy in the World. I had the pleasure of meeting him on Saturday and he is so sweet and roly poly and has puppy breath and everything.

I know my friend will disagree with me on his runner-up title because he is obviously adorable and she has photographic evidence to back up her argument, but I am ever so slightly biased.

Here is the official M.O.V. Cutest Puppy in the World title holder, Carter:

Awwww! Isn't he cute!?! He's WAY BIG now and moves like a deer with all of his uber long legs, but he's definitely a cutie.

After spending the afternoon with Cooper, I decided that I definitely wanted another puppy. (Don't tell D!!!) I even said it out loud. As my friend rightly stated, "If you get another puppy you'll never have kids." And I do want kids (someday--don't ask me when), so no more puppies for me...yet.


Kris said...

Katie Mae - it might be a close tie on who's cuter - BUT I win on who's a cuddler... Is that REALLY a word?

KM said...

Yes, you win with having a cuddly puppy. I need to see Cooper again! :)