Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Four & Nine

On this day in

1999: D and I were on our first date. I wore a black tank with jeans and D had on a sweater vest--BY ITSELF! He really needed my help. We ate deep dish at Davanni's and drove around the rest of the night talking. I didn't get home until 3 a.m.

2000: I bowled in a junior tournament and we went to the Lynx game (D won court side seats earlier in the week). We shared Papa John's pizza (when it was still served in the Target Center) with Steve-O and Jay.

2004: We tied the knot!
2005: D convinced me to cancel our reservation to Saji Ya in favor of "authentic Italian cuisine", or Olive Garden. We enjoyed our favorite dessert (Raspberry Cream Torte) at Cafe Latte and enjoyed the gorgeous weather walking up and down Summit Avenue. We ended the evening watching fireworks from Cathedral Hill. 2006 & 2007: We both worked. Our romantic evening consisted of ordering in pizza and watching movies. I think we fell asleep on the couch both years.

2008: We are both working today. Tonight we will eat out, but probably some place casual with tasty food.

Next year will be our 5 and 10, so we're hoping to be able to find a babysitter (gasp! we'll be parents!) and enjoy a nice evening together.


-R- said...

Happy anniversary/anniversaries!

audrey said...

Happy anniversary!

L Sass said...

Happy Anniversary! Next year, with the babysitter, will be even better!

alyndabear said...

Awww, congratulations you two! And how exciting for next year. :D