Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yay KG!

I am so happy for Garnett I can't even stand it. I'm sorry that KG needed to leave the T-wolves to win, but I'm so excited that he finally has a Championship of his own.

While I didn't see the game last night, D filled me in on everything this morning. KG and Ray are his two favorite players in the league, so he was amped up for this season from the beginning; he even contemplated putting down money on the Celtics when we were in Vegas for Thanksgiving (he did not). I enjoyed the Celtics-Lakers playoffs this year and thought it was interesting that those two teams have won half the NBA Championships to date. Seeing the replay of KG thanking Minnesota this morning made me a little teary, but I'll chalk that up to hormones.

In his recap, D told me that the "Boston Three Party" (not his words, but I always liked the commercial) accomplished their goal; he thought KG was an instrumental piece and that Ray will probably go down as the best 3-point shooter of all time. I think Ray will also have a yearbook entry for "Best Calves".

Great year. Great series. Congrats, KG!


L Sass said...

Aw, I know. I have such sentimental love for KG!

-R- said...

I watched part of his interview right after the game, and I could not understand what he was talking about. It is nice to hear that he thanked Minnesota. I'm glad the Celtics won!