Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thanks For Sharing

D and I are hoping to get away for a long weekend this summer. In preparation for that yet-to-be-determined date and destination, I'm looking at hotel reviews for some of our options. People write the most interesting things in their reviews; I hope that the Internet really does provide some of them anonymity. Here are just a few examples:

"NameOfHotel is magical. My wife and girlfriend enjoy the comfy beds. Thanks NameOfHotel for recognizing me with two aliases!"

"When we asked where we could find a postage stamp the person at the front desk said she did not have a clue."

"Not a place to go if you want to be alone and sex."

"The staff was awesome anything you needed they could help you with, my eyeglasses were broken and I asked them where I could repair them. One of the persons working at the front desk said he could repair them, and he did! Wow! That was very impressive."

"How anyone considers this a family or romantic vacation destination is beyond me."

"When I explained that the place was discriminating against people with vision impairments, the manager stated: 'We aren't concerned with that. We care about the safety of our other guests.'"

"The initial impression walking into the door was a smell of 30 years of cigarettes and three-week-old beer cans."

"The towel are always warm."

Thank you, Reviewers! I will take your comments into consideration. Or not. Hopefully D and I will decide on a time and place--a little vacay would be nice right now.


L Sass said...

I find user reviews to definitely be a mixed bag. The reviews for the resort AS and I stayed at in Jamaica last winter were mostly good... until we realized that 50% of them were written by the hotel itself! All the legit reviews were bad. Sigh... if only we'd known.

-R- said...

I hate user reviews. I hope you (eventually) have a fun weekend away though!