Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BP08 is a


Dad and Grandpa Roy were right; they never wavered in their belief that there first grandchild and great grandchild would be a girl. So, while they were right, they don't get a prize (other than a beautiful granddaughter) because they didn't vote!

And the winner by drawing is -R- who will win something 'real nice.'

So onto some more details about the living being formerly known as BP08:
  • D and I agreed on a name, so as promised I'm announcing it to the world so that he doesn't change his mind! Our daughter--that is still baking--has a name, and it is Audrey. Awww.
  • We were able to see her kick and move around during the ultrasound yesterday, and that was pretty cool. In fact, the tech found her leg first and right away she kicked and it was one that I could feel. I discovered I'm only feeling about half of her movements at this point, though.
  • D was able to feel her kick on Sunday!
  • Audrey is currently weighing in at 11 ounces and that does not at all explain the weight that I have put on. I had to remind myself that I'm carrying around a lot of extra fluid; also, I'm trying not to think about my extra trips to Noodles and Taco Bell.
  • Estimated due date is still November 2.
That is my news. Have a great day!


3carnations said...


Wow, she has a name already, and she's only halfway to being born. :)

audrey said...

Congratulations! And, if I may say so, you picked the Best Name Ever. (Though I might be slightly biased.)

-R- said...


Also, Audrey was on my top 5 list of girl names. I really love it.

L Sass said...

I LOVE the name Audrey. How exciting!