Monday, February 25, 2008

It's About Time For Some Good News

I got a new job! It's kind of a promotion, kind of a lateral move, but most definitely something that I'm more excited to do. I start next Monday. Yay!

Here is a modified staff announcement regarding my new position:

Most recently, KM has served as development assistant on the SME team, where she has coordinated stewardship events and partnered closely with the events team on the annual SME events. Previously, KM held positions with the central development and gift planning teams, where she coordinated intimate fund-raising, cultivation, stewardship, and outreach events. KM has been a tireless supporter of our events; in her new role, KM will manage projects for New Xtina related to our annual Drinking Gala and Cartoon Chaos. As one of our new event coordinators, she will coordinate stewardship and cultivation events and provide consultation to volunteers hosting fund-raisers on our behalf.


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Awesome!! Congratulations!

I didn't realize you were in Dev... me too!