Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Too Sexy For This Song

I was caught singing 'Comin' To Your City' by Big & Rich last weekend. Granted, I was in my car and the guy couldn't hear me (Thank God!) but he totally gave me the Crazy Lady Singing In Her Car look. I was really embarrassed, so I let him pass me and then I continued singing. And gesturing. Oh yes, I dance in the car too. It's a modified shoulder dance. It's awesome. My moves to 'Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy' are much better, though. Too bad he wasn't around for that one.

But yes, I sing in the car. All the time. Unless there is someone else in the car with me. I don't sing in the shower, though. If I sang in the shower, my dogs would be howling. Not good. Also, singing in the shower leaves me vulnerable--D might hear me. He busted me belting out 'Ain't Going Down" by Garth Brooks early on in our relationship. I think he was as embarrassed as I was. Good times. I really only let loose to country--with the exception of 'Baby Got Back' but that is a must sing song. That is actually one of the only songs I will voluntarily dance to as well. It's just that good. If you don't agree, you are wrong.

I cannot sing or dance. I was once in choir. I did duets. I must have been decent, right? Not so much anymore. D and I both agree that if we were to be given one natural talent we would want it to be singing--you know, a really nice voice to sing well, with perfect pitch and such. Neither of us were so blessed. (Sorry to out you D!) Neither of us can dance either. (Sorry again!) So last weekend both my singing and dancing 'skills' were on display when my friend made us all go out. For most of the night I was just sitting at the table mouthing along the words and shoulder dancing at the table--this consists of me pretending to sing to someone and then making up awkward motions to go along with the song. Later that night we were forced on the dance floor. (I love dancing, but I'm not any good at it for the third time--and I didn't have any bridal attire to hide my sad attempts.) My hope is that by last call people were too drunk to remember that I danced at all.

On another note, one that has relatively little to do with singing or dancing--but is about a song, dm just got a new car with built in navigation. She and another friend named it Alice. Who The F*** Is Alice? Oh come on, laugh. It's funny.


Thirty said...

When I was younger I was with my girl scout troup in the car. The radio was on and I was bouncing along. One of my friends asked, in a very annoyed fashion, "Do you always have to dance in your seatbelt?". Why yes, yes I do.

Big and Rich do make some mighty fine car dancing songs. I am so guilty of singing in the car. I'll even put my fist up and pretend it's a microphone.

Also? My sister's nickname is Alice. She gets teased by my husband with that song all the time.

-R- said...

I think you should have just winked at that guy and kept singing. =)

KM said...

-r- I would have to have an aura of confidence to do that, but I will certainly give it a try next time--because if you can't fake confidence with a stranger on the road for 5 seconds, than I don't think it will work with anyone.

thirty, car dancing/shoulder dancing/dancing in your seatbelt, this is a little perk of driving a car with a radio. I once had a car w/o a radio and those were sad and lonely days. And that song cracks me up and I've only heard it twice!