Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Get 10 Bucks, I Get 10 Bucks, We All Get 10 Bucks

Sign up for Ebates through the above link before February 14, 2008 and receive a $10 sign up bonus--and I'll get a $10 referral bonus!

I signed up for Ebates just before Christmas and I'll receive my first Big Fat Check in a few weeks. After that, I'm changing over my payment option to the Animal Humane Society--so all of the referral bonuses will benefit shelter animals.

So do the same shopping you already do, and get some money back too!

If asked for the referring party's email address, please enter:

If the link above isn't working, try this or copy & paste this:


ptoland said...

$10 is great but I seem to earn more money shopping at as the "rebates" are higher. I've also found their coupon content is definitely better.

But $10 is $10 ;-)

Thirty said...

Signed up! $10 is on it's way to you!