Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Bad 3 O'clock Decisions"

First, I have to say that the title of the post has nothing to do with the content because I am a loser…and a prude. The worst 3 a.m. decisions I’ve made have included being too wordy in an analytical paper and being overly snotty to a friend due to being overly tired because I DO NOT STAY UP THAT LATE. But if you have a ‘bad 3 o’clock decision’ to share, leave a comment or take it as a writing prompt! Anyway, I love Tim Gunn and I love that he is a self proclaimed old fart for not taking that to the gutter. Did you watch Project Runway last night? Oh I will miss the auft contestant, but I would have missed any of the bottom three designers. On with the post then…

UPDATE: Titan has a home! He was gone yesterday when I checked the site. Yea! I hope he is happy with his new family.

This week has not been my favorite week ever.

  • Our water was off on Sunday. I still don’t know why.
  • It wasn’t back on by Monday morning. That was annoying, but we had water Monday night.
  • Tuesday was a stupid crazy day at work; I didn’t get to do any of my work because I was completing tasks for our support staff and my boss and I ended up doing a mailing because said support staff was too busy. It’s one thing for me to do a mailing, but my boss should not ever have to do a mailing—and I didn’t ask her to, she insisted. And then I had a huge coffee and was up until 1 a.m. (still not 3 a.m.!).
  • Wednesday wasn’t noteworthy, so not bad.
  • Today our alarm didn’t go off. D woke up at 7:30 a.m. and was understandably upset, but taking it out on me. I told him he could apologize to me later. Oh, I start work at 7 o’clock and he starts at 7:30 a.m. We live 30 minutes from work. Awesome.

But tomorrow we are going to the Timberwolves game (Thanks Kris!) so that gives me hope that the week will be better. Saturday I hope to make loads of chili and burrito components and do laundry—not exciting, but not bad.

And now you can see the reason I haven’t written this week: I’ve been in a less than stellar mood. But someone just brought me a pumpkin bar, this day is looking better already!


Anna said...

I am so, so happy that Titan has a home. Alas, it is not my home, but still I'm sure he's very happy and that his new people are happy as well.

This week has been craptastic and surprisingly much like yours, right down to the mailing.

KM said...

Sorry your week isn't going well either:(
Hopefully we will both have wonderful weekends.

L Sass said...

Like you, I no longer stay up late enough to make bad 3 AM decisions... but I used to back in the day!! :)