Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I think most of us have our checklists in the morning--things we need to do or need to pack before heading out for the day. Beyond basic hygiene and not being naked, my routine is to give the dogs their meds, grab some breakfast, snacks and lunch and pack up my water bottle.

D has a different kind of checklist. First, he really only has to take care of himself in the morning (which will soon change!) except for the rare occasions that he feeds the dogs or lets them in or out (that is like second nature to me, so I don't feel the need to include it in my To Do list). Second, he doesn't really need to think about what to do in the morning because I constantly question if he remembered to grab lunch or if he has his cell phone or if he has tried the new bars or trail mix I bought. So, D's checklist doesn't really happen until we're in the car--or more precisely--until I start to get out of the car.

You see, we carpool to work on a fairly regular basis and at least half the time that we ride together we are rushed and he needs to drop me off and get to the office in under 10 minutes (which is very doable most mornings, but traffic does happen). This morning was one of those mornings and as I exited the car he said, "Have a good day. I'll call you when I'm leaving. Love you. Bye." I looked at him and replied, "Did you get everything?" He nodded and we kissed (because we ALWAYS kiss goodbye).

Anyway, I thought it was cute and it goes to show that I'm not the only crazy one in this relationship.

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