Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ABCs Of My Morning

Appalling: Did you know a website exists to hook up people looking to have extramarital affairs? I guess a few TV networks had run ads for them and either because they received complaints from viewers or their execs poo-pooed the idea, the ads have now been cut. I won't link to this site or give you the name, but just think of a Simpson sister and Wisconsin city and you've got it.

Brilliant: So as I was listening to the above story on the radio in horror, I drove to my old office building and parked in my old ramp. Apparently I was a bit distracted. I moved office buildings last week. I'm now several blocks away from the old location in a completely different ramp. I did make it to the right office though, just a little late.

Crunchy: We registered for cloth diapers last night. (OK, I know the post title clearly states 'morning' but whatever. I sent the link to people this morning; does that count?) We are going to give it our best shot because the thought of throwing out all of those diapers makes me sick. D has agreed based on the financial aspect of it. I think we can make it work. Check out all the cute styles at PinStripes and PolkaDots.

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-R- said...

We are thinking about cloth diapers too. I am on the fence though because I just don't know anything about them.

That is funny that you parked in the wrong ramp! I'm glad you found the right office building though. =)